IT Drives Solution

Intelligence drives business.  That's why there is "Intel" behind everything we do.

As part of evolution of technology, Artificial Intelligence is put in every systems so that it helps businesses not only to work efficiently but allow businesses to facilitate CEOs and CIOs decision making process more accurate and faster.

Today's C-level executives needs information on their fingertip with precise accuracy and completeness to succeed.  Business Intelligence is the engine that is being built on top of every data warehouse to help fast moving companies ahead of schedule. 

We at K. Dipal recognize those business key drivers and helped those industries to build intelligence working very closely with their "subject matter" experts.  We not only build the logic for the intelligence but provide seamless connections / interfaces to utilize those intelligence through triggers and alerts to improve top line business revenue and provide faster services to end users / customers.


Business Intelligence is our key driver for Reporting Engine and is the foundation for developing Decision Support System and Executive Information Systems.

For further detail of our Business Intelligence services, please contact us and ask for our new Business Intelligence Programs.