IT Drives Solution

Today, every sector needs to be competitive in order to survive and be more profitable.  At the same time, they cannot wait for too long to resolve some of the complex business problems with manual human efforts.  In today's eWorld, companies need state-of-the-art systems running 24x7 in order to support their infrastructure and the drive for global integration through technology.


Our goal for the Healthcare sector is to provide universal healthcare to every citizen of the United States in the most economical way.  We architect necessary solutions in order to achieve that goal by building IT infrastructure that would allow clients to build eCommerce engine to run their business efficiently.

As part of our eCommerce portfolio, we provide services related to development of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) , EPM (Enterprise Practice Management), eInterfaces, eBilling, ePosting, eMarketing, eEOB, eAppointments, ePrescription, eMail leading to paperless patient charts. 

We recognized that healthcare industry has a huge opportunity having many pieces of puzzle.  There are doctors, hospitals, insurance groups, and governmental programs and each one of them are an integral part of this equation.  We strongly believe that until we provide solutions to every entity we cannot do full justice to patients giving them the life they deserve.

Please ask for our eHealth program which would include all these initiatives as a full service needs for your business.


Our goal for this sector is to track, leverage and optimize your investment dollar using our IT services.  This includes electronic banking interfaces, identifying clients investment needs with proper risk assessment, and mapping those needs to desired "Return On Investment  (ROI)" using financial tools and techniques.

We also allow clients to develop financial strategies and do backtracking to evaluate performance of various strategies.   As part of our process to resolve and improve performance of the portfolio, we build statistical models supported by the business strategies and underline processes.  Models are derived based on not only the internal business factors but external variables including market conditions, economical and other global variables that influences the overall financial objectives of the CEOs, CFOs and mutual fund managers.