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Healthcare is a basic needs of every human being in order to live a quality life.

K. Dipal is a global healthcare outsourcing service company in United States working with Health Care professionals and hospitals from across the globe. We provide a comprehensive array of Healthcare outsourcing solutions backed by robust compliance & quality processes, state of the art technology, and rich domain experience.         
We are a global, broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health.


Featured Service :

1) Revenue Cycle Management :- We offer end to end revenue cycle management that is uniquely customised to improve the profits of healthcare providers.

2) Medical coding & Medical billing :- We offer highly personalised medical coding and billing services to meet the needs of individual doctors and group healthcare providers.

3) Account receivable management :- We specialise in Detail Processing and an extensive claims follow-up processes to increase the collections of a healthcare provider.

4) Medical Transcription :- We offer state-of-the-art dictation captures and conversion capabilities in accordance with specified norms of AAMT (American Association for Medical Transcription).

K. Dipal Solutions strives to be a world-class people organization with focus on client satisfaction, employee satisfaction and shareholder value creation.

K. Dipal Solutions provides end-to-end Medical Coding and Billing services and also provides value added receivables management and claims processing services to Health Care professionals and hospitals.

K. Dipal Solutions helps healthcare providers and payers worldwide, save time and money, by remotely executing their non-core health information management activities such as medical transcription, coding, revenue cycle management and claims processing.

By doing so, K. Dipal Solutions helps its clients focus on their core business, increase their productivity and quality of service resulting in better customer satisfaction and higher revenues.

K. Dipal Solutions also runs a Clinical Research Outsourcing (CRO) division which facilitates, co-ordinates and performs clinical trials in the Medical field in India and also provides management and support services for clinical trials to sponsors.

Our company provides a strong delivery platform that shall assure – increased efficiencies, reduced costs, and excellent service quality. 

A combination of our global delivery model, medical domain expertise, US market knowledge and customer focus provides our clients with superior services at all times entailing a reduction in total cost of delivery by over 50%.

Process Strengths :

1) Entire team of Executives & Managers have more than 5 years of experience in US             Healthcare domain.
2) Hands-on experience with all popular billing software.
3) Dedicated training and transitioning team.
4) Team of CPC, CPC - H, CPC - P Certified Professional Coders.
5) TAT (Turn Around Time) of 24hrs for Coding & Billing.
6) Aging collections benchmark < 10%
7) Accuracy 98% + (Driven as per six sigma standards).
8) Turn around time - 4 hours of STAT files and 12 hours for normal reports.
9) Computerized software based auto transcription processes.
10) WDTS ( Workflow Distribution & Tracking Systems).