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The Automotive Research Association has been playing a crucial role in assuring safe, less polluting and more efficient vehicles. We provides technical expertise in R&D, testing, certification, homologation and framing of vehicle regulations.

We work in Harmony and complete confidence with our members and customers to offer the finest service.


Automotive Industry News :

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3. AMERICAN AXLE UAW, American Axle in talks to settle strike

4. GM Loses Almost a Third of Daily Output as Plant Closings Widen

5. BMW partners with Karmann for 1-series cabrio production

We are involved in Information technology for designing & sales of cars from initial concepts right through to its manufacturing and supply chain.

Broadly speaking we are seperated into three main streams :

1. Systems Design for Product Engineering

2. Systems Performance / Features for Development Engineering

3. Management Reporting & Intellignece Engineering

* Product engineer (also called design engineer), that would design components / systems (i.e brake engineer and battery engineer). This engineer designs and test a part, seeing that it meets all its requirements (i.e. the shock), performs as required, material meets desired durability and so on.

* Development engineer, that engineers the attributes of the automobile. This engineer may provide to the design engineer what spring rate he requires to provide the "ride" characteristics required for the automobile to perform as desired, etc.

* Management Reporting & Intelligence Engineering, determines how to facilitate management decisions making process and provide 20 / 20 vision to auto executives.