IT Drives Solution

Over our 10 years, we count as a remarkable organization in the Americas. We make a difference. Now, in today's competitive funding environment, we also need to be more rigorous about counting what we do. Who knows how many millions of dollars worth of volunteer activity  has generated in its ten years of existence?

                          Partners Counts

But this, like many aspects of the small miracles our partnerships have worked across the hemisphere, is not well known – we joke about being “one of the best kept secrets in the Americas.” And it’s about time the “Best Kept Secret” gets counted. For our own future as an organization, we must be able to show the true value of the time we, as volunteers, put into our activities.

Partners Counts is :

* Our collective effort to count the time that all volunteers so generously give to Partners;

* An opportunity to recognize, nourish, and efficiently manage your local membership;

* Our response to donor demands to show the value of volunteerism.

Partners Counts will enable us to say that for every dollar donated to Partners, we mobilize 5, 10, or 20 times that value in volunteer time.

This is a powerful statement to government and other donors of the nonprofit sector in the hemisphere. We looked for a way to gather this information -- which we realize is not something a lot of people like to do, especially in their volunteer work -- in a way that is as easy as possible, and through a mechanism that will provide many other benefits as well.