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  K. Dipal Partner Program Enrollment

Becoming a member of the K. Dipal Partner Program can open new windows of opportunity for you and for your organization. Enrolling is easy. And it takes only about 15 minutes. Follow the steps below to enroll in the program or to associate your email address with a partner company.

Associate Your Email Address with a Member Company

1.Login to
2.Click “Client Center”
3.Type in your organization’s name and choose location; or type in your organization’s domain address
Click your organization’s name
5.Click “Associate to this Organization”
6.Click “Submit”

Once your organization’s administrator has approved your enrollment, you’ll have access to exclusive resources and information reserved for K. Dipal partners.

Become a Certified or Gold Certified Partner

1.First, make sure your organization is a Registered Member.

2.Have your Primary Program Contact* sign in to the Partner Membership Center and enter your organization’s qualifications in the relevant Partner Points earning categories.

3.Pay the required fee.