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Need help? Make sure you are getting the most from your membership

Use these materials to get the most out of partnering with K. Dipal. Learn how to easily manage your account and look up detailed information on all aspects of the K. Dipal Partner Program.

K. Dipal Partner Program Guide

This guide covers all aspects of the K. Dipal Partner Program, including: the basic structure of the program, which types of partners should join, program requirements and benefits, enrollment and re-enrollment policies and processes, and the K. Dipal Competency framework.

Getting Started in the K. Dipal Partner Program

The following resources will help you get started in the K. Dipal Partner Program:

* Membership Enrollment and Re-enrollment Guide

* Earning a Competency Guide

* Windows Live ID Support FAQ

Partner Membership Center Help

The Partner Membership Center is the one central place where you can manage your relationship with K. Dipal and administer your membership in the K. Dipal Partner Program. Partner Membership Center Help provides detailed instructions on how to earn Partner Points, join a competency, enroll and re-enroll, modify your account, and all other activities related to administering your program membership.

To view the Partner Membership Center Help, log in to your K. Dipal Partner Program account using your K. Dipal Windows Live ID and click on the “Help” icon. If you use a K. Dipal Windows Live ID that is not recognized by the K. Dipal Partner Program, you will not be able to access the Partner Membership Center.

See instructions for linking your email address to your organization’s member account.